Angela Hampel

(* 1956 Räckelwitz bei Kamenz)

Angela Hampel's paintings embody a self-confident, powerful and passionate femininity. She usually juxtaposes her androgynous protagonists with an animalistic partner. They are often animals that at first glance evoke disgust or fear, but with which the female figure enters into an intimate relationship. In terms of her expressive style, she is often compared to the "Junge Wilde" of the 1980s, but in terms of content, unlike them, she dealt with Greek mythology and biblical themes that put women at the center, such as Medea, Salomé, or Judith. Hampel maintained a friendship with Christa and Gerhard Wolf. Again and again she takes up their literary work and processes it in her paintings, including paintings and prints of the novel Kassandra. (ED)


born in Räckelwitz
1972 - 1974
training as a forestry worker and motorist
1975 - 1976
work as a forestry worker and motorist, evening studies in Bautzen
1977 - 1982
studies at the HfBK Dresden
works as a freelance artist in Dresden
Participation in the travelling exhibition "Dresden Today"
performances, installations and environments
exhibition at Galerie Döbele Ravensburg
friendship with author Christa Wolf
co-founder of the Dresden Secession 89
passionate mountaineer
exhibition at Galerie Döbele Stuttgart with Gudrun Trendafilov
special prize "100 selected graphics"
exhibition 'Angela Hampel - The Artistic Work', Städtische Galerie Dresden (city gallery Dresden)