Eberhard Freudenreich

(* 1963 Bad Urach)

Line, form and paper are the fundamental elements in Eberhard Freudenreich's work. From the line he develops his entire repertoire of forms, he shapes them by cutting, superimposing, folding or by reshaping with pencil or colored pencil. He uses the line as an instrument to create form, which he realizes in, on and with paper. Experimentally, he deals with these three elements in various groups of works, which he declines through and at times does not conclude. "One comes from the other and one reflects the other" - this is how Eberhard Freudenreich summarizes the development in his art during a visit to his Stuttgart studio, early 2017. (Eva Wick in: "Eberhard Freudenreich, LINIE FORM PAPIER", exhibition catalog Döbele Kunst Mannheim 2017, p. 7.)


born in Bad Urach
1986 - 1991
study of free graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
1989 - 1992
tutor position with Prof. Schoof, Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
1990 - 1993
postgraduate studies in the field of free graphics
freelance artist in Stuttgart
1995 - 1997
tutor position at the University of Stuttgart