Petra Flemming

(Großsteinberg 1944 - 1988 Arnstadt bei Erfurt)

Petra Flemming dared to make a new start in the GDR through her art. Among other things, she succeeded in doing so with self-portraits that repeatedly questioned the role of women prescribed by the state. For example, she painted herself as a sailor with male features, frontally, so that the viewer cannot avoid her gaze. Contrasting traces of her teacher Werner Tübke can be heard in her early works. Unfortunately, Petra Flemming passed away much too early and unexpectedly, so that she could not experience the peaceful revolution. (EW)


1960 - 1963
pre-studies at the Workers' and Peasants' Faculty of Fine Arts in Dresden
1964 - 1969
studies at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts) in Leipzig under Werner Tübke and others.
in a fire during a solo exhibition many works are destroyed
fights her way into an exhibition of female GDR artists in Stuttgart and Bremen,
long-awaited study trip to Paris is approved
dies unexpectedly at the age of only 44