Ralf Kerbach

(* 1956 Dresden)

Ralf Kerbach is a hermit who projects modes of search and leadership. His repertoire includes pictorial models of self-discovery and responsibility, as if the artist were fighting not for but against something, with impatience and consistency that includes the questioning of the self - just as if a brief moment of clarification could only be had through pain. Should the real world be too complex and withdrawal the only obvious answer, Kerbach's painted gestures of resistance would still hang intensely and warningly in the museum space as altarpieces of constant overbidding. (Christoph Tannert in: Malströme. Kerbach - Leiberg - Scheib - Schleime - Stangl, exhibition catalog Mannheimer Kunstverein 2017)


born in Dresden
1977 - 1979
studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts with Gerhard Kettner
forced to leave the country, relocation to West Berlin; working scholarship of the Senator for Cultural Affairs
1986 - 1987
scholarship in Olevano
longer stays in Paris
1988 - 1990
work in the studio in Val Quieres near Montpellier
scholarship of the German-Brazilian Summer Academy in Joáo Passoa/Paraiba, Brazil
appointed as Professor of Painting and Graphic Arts at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
Member of the Saxon Academy of Arts