Shengjie Zong

(* 1989 Wuxi (China))

In his artistic work, Shengjie Zong refers to the philosophical theory of "Simulacra and Simulation" by Jean Baudrillard. He deals with different levels of abstraction of symbols and at the same time poses questions about the reality in which we live and how it comes about. For Zong, the pictorial space is the actual medium of his art. He sees his pictures as an extension of reality and uses them to question it.

Zong studied fine arts at the HfBK Dresden in the class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach and was subsequently his master student. Zong lives and works in Düsseldorf.


Lives and works in Düsseldorf.
born in Wuxi (China)
2007 - 2011
Bachelor's degree in Chinese Wood Carving
2013 - 2019
Diploma studies at the HfBK Dresden
2019 - 2024
Master class student with Prof. Ralf Kerbach at the HfBK Dresden
Final exam at HfBK Dresden