Tanja Pohl

(* 1985 Lengenfeld (Vogtland))

Tanja Pohl's variations of forms and rhythms originate from the industrial landscape. She is particularly attracted by the interplay between the destruction of nature by man and the process of decay by which nature reclaims what has been snatched from it. On the one hand, her landscapes seem to convey security and beauty. At the same time, through the transformations of houses and machines into, say, heads, she plays with our view of the empirical world. (E.W., J.D.)


born in Lengenfeld (Vogtland)
1999 - 2005
student of Horst Eczko, Lengenfeld
Technical diploma (design), Plauen
2005 - 2010
Study of fine arts at the HfBK Dresden in the class of Prof. Elke Hopfe, Diploma
2010 - 2013
Master student of Prof. Elke Hopfe and Prof. Christian Macketanz
lives and works in Greiz, Thuringia