Respectively - Martina Geist, Katharina Hinsberg, Annette Schröter

16.06. - 12.08.2023

in correspondence with artists from our classics program: Max Ackermann - Eugen Batz - Peter Brüning - Jacques Germain - Hermann Glöckner - Kurt Günther - Otto Ritschl - Max Uhlig
On the one hand, our new exhibition reveals a field of tension in the correspondence between the classics from our gallery program - works of abstraction, expressionism and surrealism - and contemporary women artists. This opens the possibility for new ways of seeing and categorization - and also for trouvailles. You will be surprised! On the other hand, the different approaches and techniques of the artists are also interesting: Martina Geist - The artist from Stuttgart, who varies the oldest printing technique, the woodcut in a new way and sets new accents by combining the boundaries between print, printing block, graphics, painting and object. In this way she has developed a new visual language. Katharina Hinsberg - The exhibition features specifically colored pencil drawings on paper, cut out. Her central design tool is the line. Annette Schröter - The special feature of her work lies in a completely new interpretation of the classic paper cut. Again and again the Leipzig artist takes up the challenge to create a different kind of painting with her works.
The exhibition will open on Friday, June 16, 2023, starting at 5:00 pm at Leibnizstraße 26 in the presence of the artists. At 18:00 Hedwig Döbele will give an insight into the work of the artists and on the exhibition concept. You are cordially invited. We are looking forward to your coming! Registration is not necessary. Hedwig and Johann Döbele

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