DESPITE EVERYTHING Kerbach - Leiberg - Scheib - Schleime - Stangl

14.07. - 26.08.2017

They did not want to be forced into East German stereotypes and were not afraid to show their non-conformist art, for example in the so-called Doors exhibition at the Leonhardi Museum, in Dresden in 1979. The opposition to the given art policy motivated the artists to move to West Berlin in the 1980s. Always on friendly terms, there were further collaborations, including the exhibition MALSTROM, which was shown in 1986/87 at the Haus am Waldsee Berlin and the Mannheimer Kunstverein. At that time, in addition to presenting the artistic spectrum, also to draw attention to the artists and their situation, who until then were hardly known in West Germany. Today, 30 years later, they are firmly anchored in the art scene. The paintings, works on paper and sculptures on display show the artists' origins in the neo-figurative movement that formed in the postwar period as a counterpoint to abstraction, parallel in the East and in the West.

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