The baroque Hassebrauk (1905-1974)

26.06. - 07.08.2021

The Dresden painter Ernst Hassebrauk (1905-1974) was known as a man of pleasure. A richly laid table, colorfully charming dressed ladies, a generous, excitingly structured landscape - all these were sensual charms that inspired his artistic work. Thus, it was obvious that his comprehensive historical interest was directed towards the works of art of the Baroque and Rococo - a period of approximately 150 years that was characterized by opulent sensory impressions and intoxicating experiences of form. In our current exhibition, we would like to show Hassebrauk's engagement with the art of the 17th and 18th centuries; an approach that not only took place through the motivic thematic circles of still life (vanitas), portraiture, and ornamental decoration, but can also be seen in a large spectrum of coloration. Hassebrauk imposed an opulence of color on the opulence of things and created a singular artistic signature with a high degree of recognition. After our first encounter with the work of Ernst Hassebrauk in 1979, we now present an exquisite selection of partly unknown and market-fresh paintings and pastels, in which the artist's inner connection with the epoch of abundance and pleasure - the Baroque - is represented.

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