Robert Häusser (1924-2013) The photographic, artistic work

05.05. - 09.06.2018

Robert Häusser's calm visual language does not at first seem to fit in at all with the hectic and superficial snapshot aesthetic of our time. The well-composed black-and-white photographs are not suitable for quick viewing. Rather, they require a great deal of time and leisure on the part of the viewer in order for them to open up in their formal and textual complexity. Robert Häusser's often melancholy and thought-provoking images are, at the same time, visual pieces that invite a contemplative approach. The work of this master photographer was already exhibited internationally during his lifetime. In 1995, he was the first German photographer to receive the International Prize for Photography from the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation (Gothenburg/Sweden), the world's most prestigious award for photography, considered by insiders to be the "Nobel Prize" of photography.

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