02.02. - 05.04.2024

Art is constantly evolving in uninterrupted succession and is subject to perpetual change. At some points in time, this change is clearly noticeable and at other moments, time seems to stand still. If we look back into our own or collective memory, we are constantly searching for connections and explanations for the circumstances we are currently experiencing. If we look into the future, we find nothing but uncertainty. But what lies ahead is by no means subject to chance. Under the title Continuum, six young international artists have come together to make exciting contributions to this further development - this continuum - through their diverse perspectives and forms of expression. All six positions deal with the painterly space in different ways. This creates connections to the past and art-historical tradition in many places, which are linked to the present through contemporary motifs and themes. One thing they also all have in common is an overlap in their otherwise very different biographies.

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