Far from blah: The power of words

23.06. - 28.07.2018

Dealing with words impressed Barbara Reck-Irmler (*1965) already during her childhood days, continued in her studies of German language and literature and political science and let her find her way as an independent copywriter. Parallel ran her excessive work with textiles. Since combining the two, around 2014 she developed her artistic impetus to give meaning and emphasis to typographic, wall-filling constructions. With word images such as MACHTWORT (Wordpower), VORSPIEL (foreplay), and NICHTSCHWIMMER (non-swimmer), the artist condenses entire phases of life into a single word. In the typographic treatment, a transformation takes place that reaches its sensual climax in the crocheting of textile yarn. She detaches the material from the context of textile production and charges it with new meaning by "re-yarning" it. The viewer is delighted when the material arranges itself into structures that give the eye orientation, while the free play of associations begins. With "bla bla peng peng" she becomes political, with "summ summ summ" she takes a stand and with "why why... why not" she alludes to the tireless fathoming of man.

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