Timeless - Herta Günther’s Images of People

23.11. - 21.12.2019

Striking red lips, a clear gaze, prominent noses. They are lost in thought, they are lonely, they ponder, they gaze into the distance, they wait. What are they waiting for? Is the person happier who has not forgotten how to wait - has nothing to do - or is he simply lonelier? A tender melancholy lies over these seemingly motionless figures, who remain strangers to each other even in the community and rarely step out of their own isolation, whether this is self-chosen or not. The artist almost completely dispenses with modern accessories; clothing, hairstyles, and interiors do not allow for a more precise chronological classification. Her pictorial worlds, mostly in warm reddish and sepia tones, are as past as they are present and thus have a special, peculiar charm. Herta Günther's images of people have fallen out of time and yet are current throughout the ages.

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