Heinz Kreutz

(Frankfurt am Main 1931 - 2016 Penzberg)

Heinz Kreutz began to draw as a wounded man in the military hospital and thus discovered his passion. Color soon moved into Kreutz's work, and for a long time it was the main focus of his art. Inspired by Goethe's theory of color, he developed his own color system in the mid-1950s. The basic idea is to perceive color as something that moves. In "Danae" this color rhythm can be traced. The bright yellow section in the center of the picture is surrounded by darker color chords. Referring to the title, the golden-yellow color part can be interpreted as the figure of Zeus, who haunts Danae as a golden rain in her prison, whereupon she gives birth to Perseus. (EW)


born in Frankfurt on the Main
Training as a photographer
1940 - 1944
Military service
start of self-taught artistic work
Studies at Städelschule Frankfurt on the Main
1946 - 1948
Paints late expressionistic, inspired by works by Paula Modersohn-Becker, Max Beckmann and others
starts painting abstract
studio in Paris
1952 - 1959
paints informal paintings
Co-founder of the artist group "Quadriga" with Otto Greis, K. O. Götz and Bernard Schultze
1952 - 1959
exclusively oil painting
studies in Paris; concentration on watercolor painting
first Draft of the Theory of Colors
1971 - 1973
Guest lecturer at the Offenbach University of Design
1987 - 1996
Oil painting, later pastels
dies in Penzberg